2020 USATF WI Indoor Meet Registration

As we've been discussing at practice the last couple weeks, the USATF Wisconsin indoor meet is coming up! On February 2 at Carthage University in Kenosha we will have the opportunity to test our training and development!  This is always a fun meet with a lot of vaulters from across the state.  I highly encourage all of our athletes to participate in this meet as registration fees are included in your practice fees and there will be no practice that evening.

If you are not currently in the Milwaukee winter training session, you can still participate and vault as part of GVPV but you will need to register yourself on Athletic.net.  If you are in the current Milwaukee winter training session, your pole vault registration fees are included in your practice fees.  

For details about the meet please look at USATF Wisconsin

How to Register

1) Verify your age.  USATF groups athletes by age, as such you must verify your age (thankfully this only has to be done once).    You can look at up your USATF profile to determine if you've already done this.

If you need to verify your age, please send proof of your age (copy of ID, birth certificate, drivers license, passport) to Matt DeWitt at membership@wisconsin.usatf.org

2) Confirm your participation.  Please complete the below form (or here if it isn't working) to confirm your participation before Wednesday 1/29 at midnight in order that I can complete your registration.  You are encouraged to compete in events other than the pole vault, but your registration fees are only included for the pole vault event.  (In other words, you will need to reimburse me $10 for each additional event.)
As always, let me know if you have any questions.

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