USATF Indoor Meet 2020

I hope everyone is excited about competing tomorrow!  Here is some important information for you to make the day go better!  Have fun!!  


  • The meet is located at Carthage College in Kenosha in the Tarble Athletic and Recreation Center
    • 2001 Alford Park Drive
      Kenosha, WI 53140
    • map
    • The track is located on the third floor of the building
Arrival Time
  • Open/Masters - warm-ups start at 8:00 with competition at 8:30
  • Youth
    • If your opening height is less than 10' then warm-ups will start around 9 am with competition at 10 am - plan on arriving around 8:30 am
    • If your opening height is 10' or greater there will be one hour of warm-ups after the first flight.  Plan on arriving at 12 pm so you can be ready
  • I will register the club and pick up bibs and pins - no need to check-in upon arrival
  • Please wear your GVPV jersey with black bottoms of your choice.  
  • Bring sweats/warm-ups to wear in between jumps - you should be sweaty when you are on the runway!!
  • Bring a water bottle and snacks/lunch to eat.  There is food there, but it is not fuel for athletes.
  • A couple books that I like that focus on the type of healthy eating that I endorse are:  Run Fast, Eat Slow and Skratch.  Both have great recipes for on or off the track that focus on real, whole foods to provide fuel.  If you would like to learn more about my thoughts on eating please hit me up outside of the competition.

Other details you need to know:

  • This meet has a lot of people - it is very crowded - please try to consolidate all of your belongings to save on space
  • Pay careful attention to the weight throw - it is dangerous and it is common for a weight to land near the pole vault
  • The meet is long be sure to bring food and water - there is a small concessions stand, but they don't serve the food an athlete should be eating
  • Meet entries are here  
  • Meet details are here

My expectations of you:

  • GVPV has built a great world-wide reputation.  We have worked hard to build this reputation and expect you to help us continue to build it through good sportsmanship, manners and following rule #1 (Don't be a jerk)
  • Please do this by:
    • cleaning-up after yourself and your neighbors
    • cheer for everyone, especially your fellow club members
    • stay and watch the entire flight you are part of (ideally both flights)
    • help catch poles and steps
    • make sure poles get put away after you are done with them
    • help take poles in and out of the building
    • post good pictures to social media - no pole vault fails
    • thank the volunteers that put on the meet - it is a LONG day
  • Additional considerations and rules:
    • Watch runways and the track for athletes before crossing
    • No headphones during competition
    • Check-out w/ the event official if you need to leave during competition (me)
    • You cannot wear your high school uniform and warm-ups per WIAA rules
    • 1/8" spikes only
  • Ask questions - if you are unsure it is better to ask

Most importantly, have fun!  Each of you have worked hard in the off-season to improve!  Tomorrow is a chance for you and us to measure your progress.  We are all very proud of each one of you!

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