Coach's Eye 2018 Membership Add-on

Coach's Eye 2018 Membership Add-on

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Now you can get access to Coach's Eye by TechSmith's mobile video analysis tools for iOS and Android as a member of GVPV for only $10 per year!  This is a great way to see videos from practice, club competitions and to share videos with the staff and friends.

Please note that this membership add-on, just like club memberships, are only good for the calendar year they are purchased in. 

Some of the features and benefits include:

  • Use mobile devices or cameras you already have to record anytime and anywhere.
  • Use the Web Uploader to import video from any source or device so you can have all of your videos in one place.
  • Live stream and import videos wirelessly from your GoPro camera.
  • Review videos in slow motion and scrub frame-by-frame so you never miss a detail.
  • Use the most powerful video analysis tools to provide precise, actionable feedback.
  • Athletes can take advantage of the same premium video analysis tools their coaches are using.
  • Athletes can create and send videos to their coach, so they can ask for additional feedback or clarification.
  • Team videos can be made available offline so all team members can access them no matter where they are, even when they don’t have an internet connection.
  • Athletes can select video highlights to share publicly with friends and family.
  • Team members can share video links via email, text message, or social media.

To utilize this capability you will need to create an account for Coach's Eye and download the app to your compatible Apple or Android device.  For more details see the Coach's Eye website or the Apple Store or Google Play.