Pole Rental

GetVertical Pole Vault offers pole rentals in the southeast Wisconsin area at competitive rates that vary based on the length and type of pole.  This is a WAY better option than buying a pole for several reasons!

  • Pole rentals are at a fraction of the cost of buying a pole - as athletes improve they will need new poles regularly!
  • Poles rentals can be swapped with the existing rental price applied to the new pole!  This is a great way to have a good pole series all year by renting three (or more) poles and swapping throughout the season!  Exchange must be coordinated through GVPV and renter is responsible for any increases in price based on swapping for longer lengths.
The fine print:
  • All renters assume responsibility of the equipment, and are responsible for the replacement cost of the pole if the pole is lost or broken.
  • Renter is responsible for pick-up and delivery of equipment, shipment is currently unavailable.
  • Poles returned more than 5 days beyond the agreed to date are subject to an additional month rental fee at the same monthly rate.
  • Renters not affiliated with GetVertical Pole Vault may be required to pay a deposit to ensure the pole is returned.

GetVertical Pole Vault club members are eligible for a 10% discount on rental fees.

If interested in a rental, please contact me directly with any questions or jason@getverticalpv.com or 414.217.6579 complete your reservation request below!

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