GetVertical Pole Vault currently holds two primary practice types.  The location of the practice varies based on the time of the year.  Our two locations are listed below.  No matter which location you are attending please note that: 

  • Practices are long, please bring water and food to stay hydrated and energized.

  • Utilization of borrowed poles assumes responsibility for all damages.

  • Practices are subject to cancellation based on weather, please subscribe to updates to receive updates.

Indoor Pole Vault Training

Held at NorthShore Academy of Gymnastics in Cedarburg, WI, this practice provides a unique opportunity for pole vault athletes to train for pole vaulting and develop the necessary gymnastic skills to be successful in the event.

North Shore Academy of Gymnastics
W59 N270 Cardinal Avenue
Cedarburg, Wisconsin 53012
Phone (262) 375-0430

No spikes are allowed in the facility. As the practices often involve tumbling , most of practice will be in stocking feet.


Outdoor Pole Vault Training

Held at Nicolet High School  during the summer session only, these practices are traditional runway track practices focused on extending the competition season.  The focus of the practice will vary to allow athletes to improve technique and prepare for summer competitions.

Nicolet High School
6701 N. Jean Nicolet Rd.
Glendale, WI 53217
1/4″ pyramid spikes are allowed in the facility.