2018 Spring Coach Mentorship - Chicago

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Learn to coach the pole vault safely and successfully through a mentorship with GVPV staff!  This limited partnership will help you develop your skills to be ready to coach the pole vault event with confidence.

As part of this program you will:

  • obtain access to Coach’s Eye for the calendar year for use during practice and for sharing videos with GVPV staff for peer review and discussion. Jason will review one video a week during the spring session.
  • be provided with beginning drills, tools and training materials for reference
  • be granted access to videos providing coaching and instruction of our videos on Coach’s Eye for download
  • be able to observe, learn, ask questions and begin to coach the sport side by side with our staff during practice
We are offering this opportunity to two coach's at a time, to be eligible you must be a registered USATF coach.  Please contact us with questions.